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Whether buying or selling for our client, our first step is to inform our client of the realities of the market-what the value is of an aircraft and its current demand from both the buying and selling sides - so we can work together toward a common goal.
Vance & Engles has been in the aircraft industry for over twenty years.
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What We Do and Who We Are

Vance & Engles Aircraft Brokers is strictly in the business of helping clients acquire or dispose of used business jet airplanes or turbine powered, executive helicopters. We carry no inventory, run no charters, have no maintenance shop, nor do we engage in any other activity that would distract us from creating the best possible deal for a client. Within the categories of buyer, seller lessor or lessee, every client's needs are different. So in each case we tailor a program to achieve the desired transaction in an orderly and timely manner, through a process that minimizes disruptions of normal business activities but leaves full control in our client's hands. Our principals, Jim Vance and Rick Engles, have between them over 80 years of experience in aviation. For specifics see their resumes or call anyone on their extensive list of references. All are included in this package.

Good Deals Built on a Foundation of Market Knowledge

Our success is directly linked to the fact that in every case we enable our clients to deal from a position of strength. Armed with complete, accurate and timely information, our clients are able to quickly grasp the realities of their market and act with the confidence such knowledge brings.

The core of this knowledge is contained in a package consisting of two separate reports that are carefully researched and specially prepared for each client. Presented as easy-to-use spreadsheets, these reports compare engine and airframe times, year of manufacture, landings, long range navigation equipment and other important data. Our Aircraft Sold Report focuses on recently sold aircraft listing transactions in chronological order and showing selling prices, Our Aircraft Available Report, in serial number order, shows those aircraft presently available for purchase and lists their asking prices.

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China Business Aviation Group

Contact CBAG as V&E's Asian partner for aircraft sales, charter and international expertise.

Colt Aviation SA

Contact Colt Aviation SA as V&E's Brazilian partner for aircraft sales, charter and international expertise.
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