Buying an Aircraft


There is much preparation to be done before a client's first offer is made. To determine which type of aircraft best suits a client's needs certain basic questions must be answered. They include:

Armed with answers to these questions a client can make a reasoned decision about which type of aircraft to purchase. We, of course, are prepared to assist in any way possible during this process with prices, operating cost, performance and other relevant data.Once an aircraft type has been selected, the acquisition process begins in earnest.

Identifying Available Aircraft
Our files already contain extensive information about available aircraft regardless of which type a client selects. This allows us to quickly provide detailed specification sheets on most of those offered for sale. Meanwhile, a personal letter inquiring about availability is sent to the owner of every other aircraft of the type selected. These letters will be closely followed by telephone calls.As aircraft are found to be available, a specification sheet is developed on each and sent to the client.

Initial Evaluation
With the information we provide, a client can decide which of the offered planes to seriously consider. We arrange for the client to see those selected and will accompany the client on these preliminary inspections. This process is designed to help a client in determining desirability and relative value.

Our office will conduct negotiations on a client's behalf. The client is kept fully informed of our progress through frequent consultations. No prices or terms will be agreed to without a client's authorization.

We will work closely with the client and the client's attorneys and tax advisors to prepare a purchase contract that protects the client's interests.

Final Inspections
Before taking delivery on any aircraft, we strongly recommend a client have it subjected to a thorough maintenance inspection and test flight by a factory approved maintenance and repair facility of the client's choice. We assist the client in arranging for and monitoring such an inspection.

The responsibility of coordinating the delivery and closing shall be ours.

Like Kind Exchanges
In cases where a client may receive tax benefits from trade, we arrange for titles and funds to pass in such a way that qualifies these transactions as an exchange under the United States Internal Revenue Code. This property exchange will be structured by our client's legal, accounting and tax advisors who are welcome to draw on our extensive experience.

Fees and Expenses
Our fees are competitive and more than offset by value received. We expect to be paid only after all the work we are hired to do is completed to our client's satisfaction.
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